Pat Marotta

Hi there,
My name is Pat Marotta

A Little About Me.

As a well-known and experienced businessman who has been volunteering, giving money to non-profits, and speaking in public, Pat Marotta has always shown that he cares about the community.
Pat is from upstate New York and has worked as a professional consultant all over the United States. He spent a lot of time with his family in Naples, Italy, when he was a child. Pat and Lisa have been married for 25 years now. It's great that he and Lisa have two great kids, Mikayla and Vanessa.

Pat is the Vice President of Client Experience Strategy for American National Insurance / Financial Services, and he works with the company's leaders to make sure that clients get more value from their insurance and financial services. This helps both the company's top and bottom lines grow. He is an MBA and a business person who has been in business for a long time. He knows that successful businesses put their customers and the value they make first. When he works for the company, he wants to make sure that it has strong financial strength, honesty, respect, service, and teamwork.

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